We moved to a new URL address!

After a very lengthy discussion with some of the active members of PK2’s official forum, we’ve decided to change the project’s name to PK2 Library (pk2lib).
We’ll be changing our URL address shortly and then we’ll delete this one, as we won’t need it because of the old URL and name.
We’ll inform you here of the new URL when the transition is complete. Thanks for your understanding!

OK, the transition is complete, the new address of the project is http://pk2lib.netai.net/ . 🙂
Note: most of the text content of this blog was deleted since we will no longer be needing it. This blog will not be completely erased, however, as it’ll be used as a redirect page for the new URL.

Hello, world!

Welcome to the unofficial Pekka Kana 2 Mapstore 2!
We’re still working on the website, so check back later or look around the pages listed on the top for information.



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